Myanmar (Burma)

A little information about the country that one intends to visit or that one has visited often allows us to put into context the past or future emotions specific to each trip. A little history or anecdotes are often welcome ... This is what you can find on this page dedicated to Myanmar. But nothing like (short) videos to get a more precise idea of the places visited or to visit. Beside is a list of the videos edited from the photographic material I brought back from the trip Myanmar • Burma (EN).

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Burma or Myanmar

The name of Burma was changed to Myanmar in 1989. The country lived under the bloody rule of a military dictatorship from 1962. For a very long time the country was closed to foreigners and tourism was extremely limited.

A certain openness has made it possible in recent years to visit this magnificent country with its golden pagodas and its thousands of temples and stupas.

The country's population is divided into more than a hundred ethnic groups.

The official religion is Buddhism and the number of monks one meets there is really impressive.


But the history of this country is certainly not to be summed up on this one sad page.

The country was inhabited since prehistoric times and archaeologists have unearthed traces of Homo Erectus dating back 750,000 years.

City-states emerged as early as the second century BC. The population of the country has been forged over the course of migration. Thus, around the 10th century AD, we could already distinguish the Pyu, Mon or Arakanese populations. Constant wars between different city-states shaped history and two emerging empires quickly took control, the Pagans who unified the populations living on the banks of the Irrawaddy River and then the Khmers.

The country still experienced many adventures before falling into the bosom of the British Empire from 1824. It was in 1886, with the fall of Mandalay, that Burma was reunited with India. Moreover, Shimla in Indian Himachal Pradesh was once the capital of Burma.

Burma became a separate colony from India in 1937 and gained independence in 1948.

Tensions aimed at giving autonomy to non-Burmese ethnic groups led to a seizure of power by the army in 1962. This military dictatorship continued until 2011. After a ten-year lull, the military took over. returned to power in February 2021 ...


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