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Step into "Nyaung-U, the Mani Sithu Market," an engaging journey into the everyday vibrancy of Myanmar, delivered through a captivating video that's just over four minutes long. Located merely a few kilometers from the renowned Shwezigon Pagoda, this daily market immerses you in the heart of local life. From the freshness of flowers and vegetables to the aroma of fish and meat, complemented by the rustic charm of pottery, every frame embodies the undeniable authenticity of this market, untouched despite the growing influx of tourists. This video experience is enriched with an accompanying text, providing cultural context and insights into the region's history and present realities. Take a few moments to travel and connect with the true spirit of Myanmar. Remember: while the past is golden, the present holds its unique treasures. Join us at Nyaung-U, where the heartbeat of Burmese life resonates.

This film was made on the basis of photos and videos taken during the trip Myanmar • Burma (EN)

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Nyaung-U, the Mani Sithu market


Nyaung-U, a medium-sized village a few kilometers from Bagan in Myanmar, is famous for its magnificent Shwezigon pagoda. But it's not just the pagodas and palaces in the Bagan region that are remarkable. If the religious monuments covered with gold are a reflection of the past, the markets themselves reflect the present.

Perhaps we can also say in a certain way that the monuments displaying riches disproportionate to the daily life of the inhabitants reflect a dark facet of the present... by diverting people from their condition...

The city of Nyaung-U has a market called Mani Sithu.

On this daily market, you can find everything. Flowers, vegetables, fish, meat, pottery, fruit but above all people. People doing their shopping, although this market has become famous with travel agencies who often take tourists there after visiting the great Shwezagon Pagoda.

This growing tourist influx does not detract from the charm of these local markets which have remained authentic. It must also be said that here, we are still very far from mass tourism which has an annoying tendency to distort the targeted sites.


about the place, Nyaung U:

Nyaung-U is a town located 4 kilometers from Bagan. The most famous monument is the Shwezigon Pagoda.



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Mani SIthu market, Nyaung U • Myanmar
street food in myanmar, Nyaung U • Myanmar

street food in myanmar

fish market, Nyaung U • Myanmar

fish market

fruit market, Nyaung U • Myanmar

fruit market

pottery stall at the market, Nyaung U • Myanmar

pottery stall at the market

Nyaung-u, Myanmar

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