About this site

Distant journeys within everyone's reach

Nowadays it is no longer really essential to be a confirmed adventurer to discover the wonders of the world. Even if after a certain age it is more pleasant to stay in a comfortable hotel rather than camping by a mosquito-infested river with a tin bowl to prepare your elaborate evening meal with that you find in the nature. All this to say that we can travel at any age in good conditions with all the offers of specialists in distant trips. Everything is organized, we no longer need to worry about anything other than the battery level of the camera and to concentrate on the images that we want to bring back. As far as my wife and I are concerned, we waited until our children were completely independent before starting to travel.

About travel-video.info

And we liked it so much that I started to rework my photos and present them in the form of videos mixing still and animated images in order to try to best render the atmosphere of the place and to share our pleasure with anyone who is interested. For several years my films have been visible on Vimeo and on YouTube, but I find that they are a bit lost in the crowd. Hence the idea of ​​creating this site intended to present the places that we had the chance to visit.

This site is in 3 languages, but only this home page mixes French, English and Dutch. All other pages are exclusively in the selected language.

At the beginning of this site, the film comments were only in French.

In the meantime I have translated all comments into English and Dutch, and written comments (which were sometimes difficult to read) have been replaced by spoken comments.

The site is structured according to several search criteria. By country, by trip (which may cover multiple countries), and by theme (eg festivals or architecture).