About me

My name is Jean-Marie Putz.
Belgian emigrated to the Netherlands for more than 30 years, my life has been divided between my work (which is now only a distant memory) and my passions.

In 2000, a sudden and overwhelming passion was born: whisky. And more specifically the Scottish single malt whisky. This passion was born from a trip to Scotland. It will give birth to a website in 2003: the site and its forum.

There comes a time when whisky, writing tasting notes and other activities are no longer enough for happiness ... Especially since it is a passion that we have every interest in handling with care and moderation.

But a habit was taken: to share on the internet. And in the case of whisky-distilleries, it worked pretty well.

Once the children were able to be alone for a few days, we started traveling with my wife.

This site is intended to share this new passion by presenting the videos that I make from the photos (and sometimes videos) taken during these trips.

Hoping you will like all this ...

Below is a quick timeline retracing the first 65 years of my life with the hope that this timeline will continue to grow with new trips, once the Covid19 will be just a bad memory that we will look at in the history books like the Spanish Flu.

My steps



Like everyone else, I was born one day. And it is already a long time ago because I lived through the days of boys' schools when it has become unthinkable nowadays to have single-sex schools.




Beginning of a long working life with emigration to the Netherlands in 1985.



Discovery of a new passion during a trip to Scotland: whisky.



Website Whisky-distilleries.info

Creation oft the whisky site and its forum 


First trips

Children born in the meantime have become independent. It is therefore high time to resume the discovery of the world.


May 2014

Turquie - Cappadocia

the videos of this trip are still in progress ...

November 2014

Vietnam and Cambodia

First attempts at video editing. The quality was not sufficient to present the results here. The films for these two magnificent countries are therefore still awaiting redesign.

November 2014

September 2015


Another mythical trip, Cuba. Here too the pictures are being revised.

November 2015

India - Rajasthan

First trip to India. Love at first sight for the country. See Rajasthan.

November 2015

April 2016

India - Kumbh Mela, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Goa

Second trip to India. Great Hindu festival ... See Kumbh Mela.

November 2016

Burma (Myanmar)

Another fascinating country. See Myanmar.

November 2016

February 2017

India - Buddhist India. Sikkim, Bengale Occidental, Bihar

Tibetan New Year in Sikkim and other high places of Buddhism in India. See Buddhist India.

September 2017


Video editing in progress.

September 2017

February 2018

India - Hola Mohalla. Punjab

Great National Sikh Day: Hola Mohalla.

July 2018


Yupie! Finally some time ...

July 2018

October 2018

India - The South. Kerala et Tamil Nadu

Fifth trip to India. South.

September 2019

Uzbekistan and Kyghyzstan

Samarkand and other Central Asian gems. See Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

September 2019

November 2019

Indonésie. Sumatra, Java, Bali

Autre fascinant pays, l'Indonésie.

February 2020


Mauritius is more like family visits. Exception: the Cavadee 2020.

February 2020

February 2020

Reunion Island

Reunion, so close to Mauritius but so different ...

March 2020

COVID19 ...!

Codid 19 put our planned trips in brackets.

March 2020

July 2020

Birth of Travel-Video.info

Covid19 + retirement + lots of stock photos: It's time to put it all in order. The travel videos being lost in the mass on Vimeo and Youtube, here is the new site intended to put it all in order ... https://www.travel-video.info.

(? - end of Covid19) - (? - last trip, as late as possible)

And after...

Still a lot of trips but for the moment few certainties.

(? - end of Covid19) - (? - last trip, as late as possible)

April 2022

Spain: Holy week in Andalusia (Semana Santa)

Semana Santa in Andalusia, Spain

May 2022

Trip in Sicily

Sicily, one of the places to be in Italy

May 2022

July 2033

Unknown India • Karnataka, Telangana, Ladakh

A rather contrasting trip, but very successful. In addition, this is the first trip outside of Europe since the start of Covid19. India - Unknown India: Ladakh, Karnataka and Telangana

November 2022

Laos and Bangkok

Wonderful individual trip. Very good guides and drivers on site. Laos, an extremely endearing country.

November 2022

February-March 2023

India • Surprising East India: Assam, Odisha, West Bengal

A trip mixing historical places and natural places. From the temples of Odisha to the park of the Sunderbans. India • Surprising East India: Assam, Odisha, West Bengal