Goa • the smallest state in India

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Goa is a tiny state located on the southwest coast of India whose capital is Panaji. Despite its small size, Goa is the state where residents have the highest level of income in the entire confederation. Goa is a former Portuguese colony and the Lusitanian influence remains very visible everywhere.

The small streets are very reminiscent of Portugal, the number of churches is impressive and wall ceramics are legion.

The state capital is Panaji while Vasco da Gama is the largest city.

The state has a little over a million and a half inhabitants.


History of Goa

Goa was part of the Maurya Empire during the time of the Buddhist Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE.

A series of dynasties followed from the 2nd century BC before Goa fell under the control of the Sultanate of Delhi in 1312. This episode was however short-lived and Goa was returned to the Vijayanagara empire in 1370.

At the time, there were incessant wars between the Hindu empires (including Vijayanagara) against the first Muslim empire of India, the Sultanate of Bahmani. The latter took control of Goa in 1469, before leaving it in the hands of another Muslim state, the Sultanate of Bajipur.

the portuguese era

The Portuguese conquerors would soon put everyone in agreement, with the victory over the Sultanate of Bajipur. The Portuguese founded their first permanent establishment in Goa. They would stay there for over 450 years. The very Catholic Portuguese exported the Inquisition to this part of India and this religious tribunal was not abolished until 1812.

the contemporary era

Upon India's independence from British rule in 1947, India wanted to reclaim the entire subcontinent, including the Portuguese possessions. The Portuguese categorically refused to cede its Indian enclaves, which sparked a military reaction leading to the annexation of Goa to the Indian Union in 1961.

Initially, Goa was administered by the central Indian government as a Union territory.

Goa was the subject of the only referendum held in India since its independence, asking the inhabitants if they wanted to be attached to the state of Maharashtra or if they wanted to continue to depend directly on Delhi. This referendum took place in 1967 and the population refused to join Maharashtra. In 1987, Goa officially became the 25th state of the Indian confederation.

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