Likir Gompa • Ceremony, monks and Buddhist paintings

Journey through the heart of Ladakh with a captivating video spanning just over 11 minutes. Witness the serene statue of Maitreya Buddha, experience the sacred rituals of a Buddhist ceremony, and be lulled by the melodies of traditional Buddhist music. Likir, a village cradled in India's majestic northwest, is a testament to timeless traditions and breathtaking landscapes. Beyond its scenic beauty, delve into the essence of Likir Gompa, an architectural gem that epitomizes the rich cultural fabric of the region. Here, every frame tells a story, every note echoes history. Join us in exploring the harmonious blend of nature, heritage, and spirituality in Likir, Ladakh.

This film was made on the basis of photos and videos taken during the trip Unknown India • Ladakh, Karnataka, Telangana in 2022

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01:50 • Ceremony at the monastery 

04:51 • In the courtyard of the monastery

06:24 • The treasures of the monastery

07:53 • Some masks for Chham dance

08:49 • Around the monastery


Likir Gompa: A Glimpse into Likir's Historical and Geographical Significance


Introduction: The Harmonious Blend of Likir and Ladakh


In the heart of India's northwest lies Ladakh, a region marked by its pristine landscapes, vast valleys, and rich cultural heritage. Nestled within this breathtaking expanse is the village of Likir, home to the iconic Likir Gompa. While much can be said about the intricacies of Likir Gompa, this article offers a broader look into the essence of Likir and its historical and geographical significance, providing an insightful backdrop to the more detailed exploration of the monastery elsewhere.


Historical Relevance: Tracing Back Likir's Footprints


The legacy of Likir intertwines closely with the overarching history of Ladakh. Established centuries ago, the village has witnessed the transformation of Ladakh from a trade hub to a sought-after travel destination. Throughout the ages, Likir has maintained its essence, ensuring that traditions, practices, and tales of old remain intact and passed down through generations.


The historical relevance of Likir is not limited to its narratives but is also evident in its architecture, art, and day-to-day life. The age-old houses, pathways, and communal spaces speak volumes of its rich past.


Geographical Marvel: Likir in the Lap of Ladakh


Positioned at a significant altitude, Likir is a geographical marvel. The village offers a panoramic view of the snow-capped Himalayas, contrasting starkly with the arid landscapes typical of Ladakh. The intricate network of rivers and streams, fed by the melting snow, ensures the land's fertility, making agriculture a primary occupation for many residents.


Likir's strategic location has also played a role in its historical importance. Being along ancient trade routes, it served as a resting spot for traders traveling through the Himalayas, connecting regions and facilitating cultural exchange.


A Glimpse of Likir Gompa: Beyond the Monastery Walls


While a more in-depth exploration of Likir Gompa is reserved for a detailed account, it's worth mentioning its general significance in this context. Likir Gompa, with its gleaming golden roofs and intricate artworks, stands as a testament to the region's deep-rooted Buddhist traditions. More than just a religious edifice, it's a symbol of the harmony between nature, architecture, and spirituality in Ladakh.


This monastery, which has stood the test of time, continues to be a beacon of spirituality, drawing pilgrims and travelers alike. Its presence in Likir further elevates the village's stature, intertwining the monastery's history with that of the village.


Conclusion: The Unwavering Essence of Likir


To truly understand the magic of Ladakh, one must delve into its heart, and Likir offers the perfect starting point. It is a place where history is not just read but felt, where geographical wonders make every glance worthwhile, and where Likir Gompa stands as a sentinel of time and tradition.


As you embark on a deeper exploration of Likir Gompa, keep in mind the broader tapestry of Likir's legacy. Knowing the village's historical and geographical nuances will undoubtedly enhance the appreciation of the monastery's profound beauty and significance.



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What's the weather like in Likir?

Spoken comments in the film: 

About fifty kilometers west of Leh, the capital of Ladakh, is one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in the region, Likir Gompa. Likir Gompa, or Likir Monastery, was founded in the 11th century according to tradition, although most of the current buildings date from the 18th.

This monastery nestled on the mountainside is a fine example of Ladakh architecture, with its white walls contrasting with the surrounding arid mountains.

What strikes the visitor on approach is also the imposing golden statue, representing the Buddha Maitreya, 23 meters high. Buddhism is not fixed, and some communities are waiting for the future Buddha, named Maitraya Buddha, who is waiting to return to earth when the teachings of the Buddhist faith are in decline.

Likir Monastery is not just a place of meditation and prayer, but is also an important training center for local children. In Buddhist tradition, it is common for at least one child per family to enter the monastery. In addition to religious training, novices receive a general education, ranging from reading and writing to history and geography to mathematics.

In Ladakh, all major monasteries hold festivals during which monks perform dances symbolizing the victory of good over evil. These dances are generally called "Chham" dances. During these festivals, the monks wear colorful costumes and very expressive masks to emphasize their role in the choreography.

young monk in monastery, Likir, Ladakh • India
Religious ceremony, Likir • India • Ladakh

Religious ceremony

Maitreya Buddha Statue, Likir • India • Ladakh

Maitreya Buddha Statue

mural, Likir • India • Ladakh


monniken op de binnenplaats, Likir • India • Ladakh

monniken op de binnenplaats

Likir, Ladakh, India

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