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Indore is the former capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India. Indore lost its capital status to Bhopal, but remains the largest city in Madhya Pradesh. Indore is also the most populous city in the state, with its 3 million inhabitants (3.5 million if we include the entire urban agglomeration).

Indore was known as Indrapura as early as the Gupta era in the 5th century CE. Indrapura was famous for its solar temple.

History of Indore

Ideally located on the Malwa plateau, Indore has always been a commercial crossroads between the Deccan plateau and Delhi. For the record, the Deccan plateau extends over the current states of Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

This situation favored the economic development of Indore which prospered under the Mughal Empire. The decline of the Mughal Empire at the beginning of the 18th century saw the development of the Holkar era (Maratha Raj) and it was during this time that the royal palace known as Rajwada was built. Indore was at that time the capital of the Holkar Empire.

In 1767, the status of capital was transferred to Maheshwar

The Holkar were defeated by the British in 1818 following the Battle of Mahidpur, when the capital was again moved from Maheshwar to Indore. The State of Indore (State of Holkar) became a princely state ruled by the descendants of the Holkar who were subordinate to the British crown.

The construction of the railway in 1875 encouraged a new economic boom in Indore.

After independence in 1947, the state of Holkar joined the Indian confederation along with several other princely states in the region. Indore then became the capital of Madhya Bharat state, which was to be merged with Madhya Pradesh in 1956. It was also at this time that the capital was transferred to Bhopal.

about the place, Indore:

Indore is the largest city in Mahya Pradesh with its over 2 million inhabitants. Indore is located 190 kilometers from the infamous Bhopal. 

Indore was established in the 16th century and was an important trading center between the plateau the Deccan Plateau (largely covering the states of Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh) and Delhi. 

The city is named after the Indreshwar Mahadev Temple dedicated to the god Indra.


Spoken comments in the film: 

The Rajwad Palace, also named Holkar Palace, is one of the beautiful attractions of the city of Indore. The construction is around 200 years old ,and the structure mixes Mughol, French and Marathi elements. The Marathi Empire developed around the end of the 16th century in northern India, succeeding the Mughals, and disappearing with the British conquest.


At the beginning of the 20th century, the wealthy merchant and industrialist Sir Seth Hukumchand built two white stone palaces in Indore, the Shish Mahal and the Kanch Ka Mandir. It is the interior of these palaces that is most remarkable (but we were unable to take photos there) because it is completely covered with glass panels and mosaics (including the floors, columns, walls and ceilings).

What's the weather like in Indore?


mini bus of musicians, Indore, Madhya Pradesh • India
Street scenes, Indore • India • Madhya Pradesh

Street scenes

Shri Neminath Diganbar Mandir, Indore • India • Madhya Pradesh

Shri Neminath Diganbar Mandir

Rasjwada Palace, Indore • India • Madhya Pradesh

Rasjwada Palace

Kanch Mandir, Indore • India • Madhya Pradesh

Kanch Mandir

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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