Turkey • Istanbul 2015

Istanbul, Turkey

After our first trip to Turkey (which was also our first organized group trip), we got a taste of Turkey. This time, not great landscapes like those one can admire in Cappadocia, but a magnificent big city, Istanbul. Formerly called Byzantium then Constantinople, Istanbul is a city straddling Europe and Asia, controlling the Bosphorus Strait.

A few days allowed us to see a maximum of things, even if many other wonders were missing from our hunting table. Mosques and palaces, ancient basilicas, small restaurants, so many things that make this great city extremely pleasant to visit.

This trip was designed as a city trip of a few days and we set off on an adventure, without knowing in advance what we were going to visit.

date of the trip: 05/2015

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Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
The Blue Mosque in Istanbul
Topkapi Palace in Istanbul