Jerash • Forum - Nexus of Roman Legacy

Where history and civilization intersect, the Forum of Jerash stands resplendent. Majestically ringed by ornate columns, this space was the epicenter of Jordanian life during the Roman Empire. Here, traders, philosophers, and politicians once convened, rendering this oval plaza the pulsating heart of the city. Echoes of the ancients still reverberate amid the Corinthian colonnades, bearing witness to a prosperous and vibrant past. Every stone, every architectural nuance of the Forum whispers age-old tales, offering the inquisitive soul a journey through the epochs of Jordanian lore.

Jerash • Forum ( Jordan,  )

Jerash • Forum

Jerash • Forum ( Jordan,  )

Jerash • Forum

Jerash • Forum ( Jordan,  )

Jerash • Forum

The Forum of Jerash: Jordan's Historical Crossroads


Origins and Construction

The Forum of Jerash, often referred to as the Oval Plaza, stands as a hallmark of the Roman era in Jordan. Situated in the northern part of the country, the ancient city of Jerash is among the most well-preserved Roman cities in the world. Constructed in the 1st century AD, the oval-shaped Forum measures approximately 90 meters in length and 80 meters in width, making it one of the grandest Roman forums outside of Italy itself.


Function and Significance of the Forum

The Forum of Jerash was more than just a political and economic hub; it was a social epicenter where the townspeople convened. Encircled by a striking series of Ionic columns, this space functioned as a public venue for a range of activities, from political speeches to open-air markets. Its paved floor and organized layout are a testament to its multifunctionality, serving both as a trade center and gathering spot for the local populace.


Architectural Design and Features

One of the Forum's most noteworthy features is its architectural design. The 56 columns that surround it stand tall, a reminder of the grandeur of the Roman Empire. These columns showcase Ionic capitals, a detail highlighting the finesse of Roman craftsmanship. Moreover, unlike most forums which are typically rectangular, the one in Jerash is uniquely oval, setting it apart.


Narratives and Accounts

While many anecdotes associated with the Forum may have faded over time, some tales have endured. For instance, it's said that the Forum witnessed numerous events, from memorable speeches by leaders to heated debates on political and social topics. The Forum's rich history, steeped in such events, serves as a reminder of its pivotal importance to Jerash's inhabitants of yesteryears.



The Forum of Jerash is a gem in both Jordanian and Roman history. Its unique architecture, rich backstory, and significance as an urban nexus make it a must-visit for anyone keen on ancient history. Standing amid its columns, one can almost hear echoes from the past and feel the pulse of a once-thriving Roman civilization.

Distinctive Architecture of the Forum at Jerash


Oval Shape

One of the most striking features of the Forum at Jerash is its unique oval shape. Spanning 90 meters in length and 80 meters in width, this plaza stands out from the typically rectangular Roman forums, giving the city a distinctive architectural footprint.


Corinthian Columns

Surrounding the Forum are tall Corinthian columns, uniformly erected and flawlessly aligned, creating an elliptical colonnade. These columns, constructed primarily of the local limestone, showcase the detailed craftsmanship of the period and stand as testament to the architectural prowess of the Romans in the region.


Paved Limestone Floor

The floor of the Forum is paved with carefully cut slabs of limestone, arranged in intricate patterns. This sturdy foundation has withstood the test of time and elements, and the meticulous detail involved in its creation offers insights into the Roman aesthetic sense and their advanced engineering capabilities.


Connecting Cardo Maximus

The Forum is strategically positioned at the beginning of the Cardo Maximus, the main colonnaded street in Jerash. This shows the significance of the Forum as not only a social and political gathering space, but also as an important junction in the city's urban layout.


Presence of the Nymphaeum

Adjacent to the Forum is the Nymphaeum, a monumental public fountain dedicated to the Nymphs. Its proximity to the Forum indicates the importance of water features in Roman urban design and adds another layer of architectural and functional significance to the site.


While the Forum at Jerash is a noteworthy archaeological marvel, it is not specifically listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Nonetheless, its architectural brilliance and historical significance undeniably make it one of the gems of ancient Roman engineering and urban planning.

Monument profile
Monument categories: Archaeological, Iconic square
Monument families: Archaeological • Civil engineering structures (bridges, wells, etc.) and factories
Monument genres: Archaeological site, Economic
Cultural heritage: Roman antiquity
Geographic location: Jerash • Jordan
Construction period: 1er siècle

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