To go from Lake Toba, the land of the Bataks to that of the Minangkabau, we pass through towns and villages where we meet friendly people, even if these places have few tourist attractions. Rice fields also attract attention and a little wonder a little hidden away from the road: the hot springs of Sipoholon.


About the 4 places in this film


On the road between Lake Toba and Minangkabau country in West Sumatra, Belige is a small town like so many others, with its market and friendly inhabitants.

The hot springs of Sipoholon are magnificent. A collection of geysers, small colorful ponds and steaming streams which is quite rare in Indonesia. And unfortunately the exploitation of hot water for public swimming pools and sulfur to make fertilizer will soon get the better of this remarkable place which risks disappearing in the short term.

Angkola Timur is a small village like so many others in Sumatra. A short walk in the streets of the village and we become the object of all attentions.

Bukittinggi is a city of 125,000 inhabitants which makes it the third largest city in West Java. The city was the capital of Indonesia during the Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia (PDRI) in response to the capture of the temporary capital of Yogyakarta during the War of Independence.



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Angkola Timur, Balige, Bukittinggi, Sipoholon. Sumatra - Java