Mauritius en Reunion 2020

Mauritius en Reunion

Even if we regularly visit our Mauritian family, we waited until 2020 before finally going to visit the sister island, Reunion.

This year we have combined the Cavadee, a Hindu festival in Mauritius that we have long dreamed of attending and a short trip of ten days to Reunion.

The Cavadee is a very impressive celebration, but Reunion is no less so. What landscapes! and what a warm people.

If we limited our efforts to accommodation for our stay in Mauritius which no longer presents any surprises for us, it is not the same for Reunion. Wanting to take advantage of every moment and be sure to see everything there is to see on the spot, we entrusted the organization of our stay to the agency Horizon Réunion

date of the trip: 02-03/2020

Travel agent: aucune pour Maurice et Horizon Réunion pour l'ile de la Réunion

Countries: { • Mauritius (and Rodrigues)Reunion Island • }


Reunion en Mauritius

de zee tegenover een klif van vulkanische oorsprong op het eiland Réunion
de Grand Galet-waterval op het eiland Réunion
het keteldal van Mafate gezien vanaf Maïdo op het eiland Réunion
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