Yangon (formerly Rangoon) is no longer the capital of Myanmar since fifteen years. However, it remains the most important city and one of the liveliest. It also has the privilege of welcoming 3 of the 9 white elephants, sacred elephants of Burmese Buddhism.


translation of comments in the film: minute 02:22 : In Myanmar, white elephants are sacred. In 2016, during our trip there were 9 in the country, including 3 in Yangon.

When a Westerner hears "white elephant" he imagines a white elephant, but in Myanmar things are more nuanced.

The priests established a list of criteria that an elephant must meet in order to be entitled to the supreme honor, that of being chained but also of being considered a white elephant, and therefore a sacred elephant.

A few well-located spots may suffice ...


about the place, Yangon:

Yangon: Also known as Rangoon, the city was the administrative capital of the country until 2006, when a brand new city was built to house state services (Naypyidaw) in the north of the country.

Yangon is the most populous city in the country and is home to, among other things, the large pagoda covered with gold, the Shwedagon.

The city has more than 5.5 million inhabitants.


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Yangon, Myanmar