East of the Jordan, a few kilometers south of Madaba, remarkable mosaics forming the floor of a 7th century church are part of a World Heritage Site. The place does not attract too many tourists, and the visit is very interesting, especially since you take your time perfectly to admire its wonders.

about the place, Umm Ar Rasas:

Umm ar Rasas is located about 30 kilometers south-east of Madaba and is a densely populated site from the early Bronze Age. The site is mentioned in the bible (Jeremiah) under the name of Mephaat.

Listed as World Heritage by Unesco since 2004, a large part of the site remains buried and new excavations are necessary to bring the whole to light.

The most remarkable discoveries concern the mosaics constituting the floor of the church of Saint Stephen (dating from 786 AD). This mosaic floor is perfectly preserved and is the largest of its kind in Jordan.


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Um ar Rasas, Jordan