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If South India is much greener than North India, it is simply because it rains a lot more ... The pouring rain has spoiled the fun (and the photos) a bit during a visit to one of the most beautiful temples in India which is at the same time the largest in the world to be still in operation. Despite the rain, this temple remains absolutely magnificent with its painted facades.



In the city of Tiruchirappalli the island of Srirangam gave its name not only to the district but also to the largest working temple in the world.

The Srirangam temple (or Shrirangam or even Sri Ranganathaswamy) is also known under the name of Thiruvarangam.

It is not only the largest temple but also one of the most spectacular with its magnificent painted facades.

The colors of these painted statues would stand out better if our visit to the temple had not happened in the pouring rain ...


about the place, Tiruchirappalli:

Tiruchirappalli is one of the oldest still inhabited cities in India. Its official history begins around the 3rd century BC. Among its main monuments is the magnificent Ranganathaswamy temple, which is said to be the largest temple in the world still in operation.



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Thiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India