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The town of Tranquebar, which was renamed Tharangamdadi, is a coastal town on the Coromandel Coast, southeastern India, in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Tranquebar is one of the few towns founded by the Danes. Tranquebar was the first Danish trading post in India and was founded in 1620 by King Christian 4. The Danes leased this location from the rajah of Tanjore (Thanjavur) until it was sold to the English in 1845.

However, the place was previously inhabited by the Danish Crown and the oldest temple in the city dates from the very beginning of the 14th century. The region was part of the Kingdom of Thanjavur.

And before the arrival of the Danes, a Jesuit Catholic congregation had been established there for decades. Catholicism came to the region through Tamil fishermen who were converted by the Portuguese from Goa. Protestant missionaries arrived from Denmark with the establishment of their first trading post in India.

churches of Tranquebar

This explains the presence of several churches in Tharangambadi, including the New Church of Jerusalem, a Lutheran church founded in 1718, which succeeded the Church of Jerusalem built 10 years previously in reaction with the Church of Zion which is older but who refused native converts, native Tamil converts who for their part did not trust this religious organization. This first Lutheran church was quickly too small and in addition a tsunami on the Coromandel coast destroyed the ramparts and part of the buildings of the city, weakening the church.

Tranquebar in Mauritius

Later, under British rule, many Tamil workers signed up to work in the fields in Mauritius. To commemorate this time, Maurice gave the name of Tranquebar to a suburb of Port-Louis, while another was baptized Coromandel.

about the place, Tranquebar:

Little is known about it, but the Portuguese, English and Dutch were not the only ones to establish trading posts in India. Tranquebar (renamed to Tharangambadi) is a prime example. The city was founded by King Chirstian IV of Denmark who leased the site to the Rajah of Tanjore until it was sold to the English (through the British East India Company) in 1845.


Spoken comments in the film: 

Tranquebar, currently called Tharangambadi, is a city founded in the 18th century by Denmark on the east coast of southern India, present-day Tamil Nadu. This city also gave its name to a suburb of Port-Louis in Mauritius. 

Little is known, but the Portuguese, English and Dutch were not the only ones to establish trading posts in India. 

Tranquebar, renamed in Tharangambadi is an excellent example. 

The city was founded by King Christian 4 of Denmark who leased the site to the Rajah of Tanjore until it was sold to the English through the British India Company in 1845.

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