North Sumatra, Medan and Bukit Lawang, the sanctuary of Orang Outang.

Indonesia is made up of hundreds of islands. Sumatra is one of the biggest. This film shows some images of the capital Medan and the Orang Utang Sanctuary of Bukit Lawang. But inexorably, the orangutan gives way to oil palm plantations


About the 2 places in this film


Medan is the capital and largest city of North Sumatra province and one of Indonesia's 4 main cities. The agglomeration of Medan has nearly 4.5 million inhabitants.

The city was founded by Guru Patimpus Sembiring Pelaw in the 16th century.

The economy of Medan was mainly based on the cultivation and production of tobacco, rubber, tea, palm and coffee, but the growing manufacturing sector like automobile, production of machinery, tiles, paper and pulp, etc., also currently contributes to the city's economy.

Bukit Lawang is a small village on the banks of the Bahorok River in the province of North Sumatra. The village has housed a rehabilitation center for orangutans since 1973. As the place was becoming too touristy, the center was closed in 2002 since it could no longer fulfill its rehabilitation task under these conditions.

In November 2003 catastrophic floods devastated the village causing great damage. This flood is believed to be due to illegal logging. Thanks to the support of numerous international organizations, the site was able to reopen its doors in June 2004.



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Medan and Bukit Lawang, Sumatra. Indonesia