In the Jordanian desert, a few kilometers from the Jordan River rise the ruins of the castle known as Krak Montreal, built by the Crusaders at the beginning of the 12th century. It was the first stronghold east of the Jordan River built by the Crusaders.


translation of comments in the film: minute 00:40: Shobak is a fortified castle built by the king of the Crusaders Baudouin I, king of Jerusalem at the beginning of the 12th century. The name of this stronghold was the Montreal Krak but Arab historians call it Shobak. If the Crusaders went to the holy land under the pretext of delivering the tomb of Christ, their ultimate goal was much less noble. As always, everything revolves around power and conquest and there was no lack of exactions during these holy wars.

The chateau-fort was taken by Saladin after nearly two years of siege in 1189.

The fort was occupied during the 600 years following the reign of Saladin and largely destroyed by Ibrahim Pasha in 1840.

But there is another curiosity about the Shobak Bitters ... the smallest hotel in the world. But that's mostly for folklore, since it's an old converted Volkswagen Beetle.


about the place, Shobak:

The Krak Montreal (which Arab historians call Shobak) is a fortified castle built in 1115 by the Crusader king of Jerusalem, Baudouin I during his expedition where he captured Aqaba on the Red Sea. The fortified castle was placed in a very strategic way on the road which goes from Egypt to Syria, which made it possible to levy taxes on all travelers, whether merchants or pilgrims. No wonder this location is the envy of other powers in the region.

Saladin understood this well, he who conquered the stronghold in 1189 after two years of siege.

After the conquest of Krak Montreal, it remained in activity for almost 600 years, until the day when it was largely destroyed by Ibrahim Pasha in 1840.



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Shobak (Krak Montreal)