This little film is in fact a kind of tourist fantasy. The source of inspiration is a work of art exhibited in front of the Syndicat d'Inititative de Port Mathurin representing an ibex made from pieces of assembled motorcycle tires and the result of which is very successful.

It did not take more to give me the idea of offering him a walk through Rodrigues Island. A little humor in a travel film can't hurt.


translation of comments in the film: minute 01:12: Port Mathurin, tourist office - One day an artist decided to create an ibex with leftover motorcycle tires.

What a strange  idea  ...

Motorcycles are for getting around and that's what this ibex decided to do one fine morning.

minute 01:57: At first he didn't dare leave Port-Mathurin where a lot of people saw him pass ...

minute 03:09: After some excess in the capital, he decided to go and visit the rest of the island ...

minute 04:36: And after some excess in the countryside, he decided to go see the sea after going through the confession hut ...

minute 06:18: Moral - If you create ibex with motorcycle tires, don't be surprised if they take off.



Rodrigues is an island in the Indian Ocean belonging to the Mascarene archipelago (Réunion, Mauritius, Rodrigues) located about 500 kilometers east of Mauritius to which it belongs.

The island is very small since it covers only 108 square kilometers. It is an island of volcanic origin surrounded by a coral reef.

Until 2002 Rodrigues was the tenth district of Mauritius. Since December 10, 2002 Rodrigues enjoys an autonomous status and is governed by the Regional Assembly of Rodirgues.

The capital of the Island is Port-Mathurin. Rodrigues has a little over 42,000 inhabitants.



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Rodrigues, the runaway ibex


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