Rodrigues is a small island in the Indian Ocean, just over 500 kilometers from Mauritius on which it depends.

The island gives off an athnosphere of serinity and sweetness of life, reminiscent of Mauritius from 30 or 40 years ago, before the frenzy of progress accelerated everything at the risk of causing the inhabitants to lose their traditional landmarks.

the story of this runaway ibex

The good life in Rodrigues does not prevent locals from getting around by car or motorcycle. And these vehicles are fitted with rubber tires just like anywhere else in the world. However, Rodrigues also has an artistic soul and very skilled artists with a great imagination. This is the case of this artist (whose name I unfortunately do not know) who created a statue of an ibex with motorcycle tires and whose work is exhibited in front of the building of the tourist office of Port Mathurin, capital of the Island.

This most original sculpture gave me the idea to make it travel all around the Island, because a little humor doesn't hurt in a travel film. And then so much the better if it makes others want to go and see this little paradisiacal island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


Spoken comments in the film: 

Port Mathurin, tourist office - One day an artist decided to create an ibex with leftover motorcycle tires.

What a strange  idea  ...

Motorcycles are for getting around and that's what this ibex decided to do one fine morning.

At first he didn't dare leave Port-Mathurin where a lot of people saw him pass ...

After some excess in the capital, he decided to go and visit the rest of the island ...

And after some excess in the countryside, he decided to go see the sea after going through the confession hut ...

Moral - If you create ibex with motorcycle tires, don't be surprised if they take off.




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Rodrigues, the runaway ibex

ibex made from pieces of tires in Port Mathurin Rodrigues

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