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Ravangla, Tathagata Tsal 

Recently, a park, named "Ravangla Buddha Park", also named Tathagata Tsal, was created near Rambong in Ravangla. This religious center was inaugurated in 2013 by the Dalai Lama.

Construction of the park lasted from 2006 to 2013 and its main attraction is a 40-meter tall Buddha statue erected to celebrate Buddha's 2550th birthday.

The choice of site was not made by chance. The authorities chose the Rabong Monastery complex to install this Buddha. Another important Tibetan monastery is also nearby, that of Ralang.

Monasteries have long been places of pilgrimage for Buddhist worshipers.

The name chosen for the park refers to one of the many names of Buddha, Tathagata.

The project was jointly funded by the government and the people of Sikkim.

Ravangla en de Tibetanen

The town of Ravangla is located in the Indian Himalayas, in the state of Sikkim and is located at an altitude of about 2000 meters. Sikkim being Buddhist and neighbor of Tibet, it is quite normal that it welcomed Tibetan refugees following the failure of the Tibetan uprising against China in 1959, following the Chinese military intervention in Tibet in 1950-1951. One of the main camps for Tibetans in exile is in Ravangla.

about the place, Ravangla:

About 65 kilometers from the capital Gangtok, Ravangla is a small hill town on the crossroads to various tourist spots in Sikkim. It is a popular place for hikers.


Spoken comments in the film: 

Located between Gangtok and Pelling, the small town of Ravangla hosts one of the main camps for Tibetans, exiled since 1959, following the failure of the rebellion against China.



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Ravangla, Sikkim India

What's the weather like in Ravangla?

prayer wheels, Ravangla • India • Sikkim
prayer wheels
buddha statue, Ravangla • India • Sikkim
buddha statue
buddha statue behind prayer wheels, Ravangla • India • Sikkim
buddha statue behind prayer wheels
Bouddha Park, Tathagata Tsal, Ravangla • India • Sikkim
Bouddha Park, Tathagata Tsal

Ravangla, Sikkim, India