Two days of visiting the impressive site of Petra is a bit short. The whole city was excavated in limestone cliffs between the Dead Sea and the desert. It's hard to imagine the life of its inhabitants who settled there several hundred years before our era. But looking at this particular architecture, there is no doubt that they lived in opulence. Also when we see the remains of the irrigation pipes, we can only bow to their ingenuity in water management. We would benefit from drawing inspiration from their science in this area.


translation of comments in the film: minute 00:37: This is certainly one of the less glorious aspects of Petra. The mistreatment of the horses that bring tourists to the site is matched only by that of the donkeys climbing the stairs to the monastery in the center of the site ...

But as long as we make these journeys on foot, the site of Petra is fabulous.

minute 01:20: Petra is certainly the most famous site in Jordan.

Its origin remains mysterious but it was the capital of the Nabataeans at the beginning of our era.

Located in the desert, Petra was a commercial center on the caravan route. It is this geographical location that for a long time made the fortune of the merchants who lived in the locality.

As the city is located in a desert, water management was a major issue.

And the ingenuity of the Nabataean architects was truly remarkable and could inspire current managers. They managed to eliminate the shortage while avoiding any waste of this precious commodity that is water.


about the place, Petra:

The name of Petra comes from the Greek and means "rock". But the inhabitants of the time had given it a more poetic name. They called their city "the motley", Raqmu or Reqem.

The origin of the city goes back to the 8th century BC, when it was created by the Edomites who experienced the decline around the 5th century BC.

The Nabataeans replaced them and made a fortune thanks to the geographical position of Petra on the caravan route carrying incense and spices from Arabia to Egypt and the Mediterranean. The modification of the caravan route and numerous earthquakes put an end to this civilization. The city of Petra has had a population of up to 25,000.

The site then fell completely into oblivion until one fine day in 1812 when a Swiss explorer, Jean Louis Burckhardt rediscovered it.



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