In Patiala, we had the chance to visit what was the sumptuous palace of Ala Singh and admire its superb frescoes. Unfortunately, the ban on photography was very strict and this film will only show the exterior of the Qila Mubarak. The surroundings of this palace, currently being restored, are impressive. The walls inspire a great nostalgia for their past splendor.

But Patiala is not just the palace. A rather important city although not breathing opulence giving off a certain impression of indolence of and remarkable monuments among which is the magnificent gurdwara.



about the place, Patiala:

Patiala is an important city of Punjab founded in 1763 by the Maharajah Ala Singh to whom it owes its name (Patiala: the strip of land of Ala). Patiala is built around Ala Singh's palace, the Qila Mubarak) which is being restored (much needed by the way).

The city seems nostalgic for its past grandeur. The streets of Patiala are lively and bustling with activity like all Indian cities. The Dukh Niwaran Sahib gurdwara was built at the place where Guru Teg Bahadur, the ninth and penultimate guru of Sikkism, meditated under a pagoda ficus to ward off a strange disease that was plaguing the inhabitants of the region. The gurdwara of Patiala is magnificent and contrasts with the general atmosphere of the res of the city.


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Patiala, Punjab, India