A tree, a motorbike, a dead man and a motorbike who mysteriously returns to the scene of the accident ... It does not take more in India to create a temple.


about the place, Om Banna:

The village of Chotila would have remained unknown if it had not been the site of a strange phenomenon in 1988. On December 2 of this year, Om Sing Rathore had a motorcycle accident and died following a collision with a tree. The next morning the police removed the motorcycle and put it in safety at the local station. The police were surprised to find that 24 hours later the motorcycle had disappeared and returned to the scene of the accident. The police returned the vehicle to safety after emptying the contents of the tank and securely fastened with a padlocked chain. But 24 hours later, the motorcycle (Royal Enfield brand) was again found near the fatal tree.

It didn't take the villagers any more to think that it was a supernatural action and considered that the motorcycle was a reincarnation of a deity. They built a temple dedicated to the motorcycle god.


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Chotila, Rajasthan, India