It could have happened anywhere in India, but the scene filmed here takes place in a small village called Naurangabad that we drove through on the road between Amritsar and Anandpur Sahib in Punjab in northern India.

We had just visited the Golden Temple and its Gurdwara in Amritsar and, when we heard music while passing through this village of almost 3000 inhabitants (a very small village in India), we decided to stop to see what was going on.

Village party

It is clear that a feast was preparing in this small village. We will never know in what honor this celebration was organized, but how important ...

The musicians were by the side of the road. In a small square behind a temple, the men were busy around large pots while the women, seated in a circle, prepared the chapatis.

All in a very happy atmosphere. The party promised to be successful.

We were greeted with great kindness, but isn't that one of the characteristics of small villages in India?

In any case, this little moment was a real moment of happiness for us ...

about the place, Naurangabad:

Not to be confused with Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra, Naurangabad is a small town between Amritsar and Jalandhar in Punjab. No need to look for Naurangabad in an encyclopedia, even a participatory one, because in Naurangabad there are no great monuments, it is not a place which sheltered great princes, it is not a place where is buried a saint. No, Naurangabad is simply a village crossed by a road in Punjab, in northern India. So why talk about it ...?

When we passed through this village, we saw musicians by the side of the road and decided to stop and go see them more closely.

These musicians were there as part of the preparation for a party. Given the magnitude of these preparations, the party must be important. I never knew what party it was, but the preparations were enough to keep us happy.



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Hola Mohalla 2018 - Anandpur Sahib



Naurangabad, Punjab India. Preparation of the feast

Naurangabad, Punjab India