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A walk in the heart of the Thamboddhay pagoda at the entrance of which is the hospital created by the sons of the inventor of tiger balm provides unforgettable memories. Despite the undeniably kitsch character of this monument which could have been found at Disneyland, the fervor of the faithful is as strong there as in the rest of the country.


This house located at the entrance of the Thambodhay pagoda in Monywa in Myanmar is a former hospital created by the sons of Aw Chu Kin, creator of Tiger Balm.

The Thamboddhay pagoda was built between 1939 and 1952. More than half a million statuettes of Buddhas adorn the interior and exterior of this remarkable pagoda for its colors and its architecture giving it a Disneyland look for visitors western tourists. This does not detract from the fervor of the local devotees for whom this effervescence of shimmering colors is probably a mark of deep respect for the divinity.


about the place, Monywa:

Moniwa is a trading center located about 150 km from Yangon. This city is not yet equipped to accommodate many tourists despite the few undeniably remarkable sites it has, such as the Thamboddhay pagoda which in the eyes of a Westerner has a strong "disneyland" character, the immense reclining Buddha near an imposing standing Buddha and the site of the 1000 Buddhas ...


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Monywa, Myanmar