An undergrowth with hundreds of almost identical Buddhas sitting cross-legged await the faithful under their parasol. Strange vision that these statues under sacred trees, pipals or fig trees of pagodas, the tree under which Buddha reached Nirvana in Bodhgaya, India ( But in Monywa, there are only these Buddhas ... There is a huge standing Buddha (the third in the world in size), there is the great reclining Buddha and there are hundreds of Buddhas in the courtyard of the Mahabodi Tahtung temple.



about the place, Monywa:

Moniwa is a trading center located about 150 km from Yangon. This city is not yet equipped to accommodate many tourists despite the few undeniably remarkable sites it has, such as the Thamboddhay pagoda which in the eyes of a Westerner has a strong "disneyland" character, the immense reclining Buddha near an imposing standing Buddha and the site of the 1000 Buddhas ...


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Monywa, Myanmar