A port city where colonial remains are still numerous. A city known from all times for its spice trade and for its traditional theater, the Kathakali.




The son of the king of the sky is sitting quietly, when suddenly a beautiful woman appears, who slowly approaches him, dancing. They like each other from the first sight.

The king's son asks her: Are you a woman from heaven, or what world are you from?

From the heaven  retorted the young woman. She was very fond of sex. This put the chip in the ear of the king's son who understood that she was not part of the kingdom of heaven.

In reality she is a demon, and the young man punishes her by disfiguring her and cutting her breasts.

A moral...? "Evil must always be punished" ...

Dhobi Khana


The Dhobi Khana of Cochin (FortCochin) is one of the last traditional washhouses in South India.

In its current form Dhobi Khana was created in 1976 and offers work to many families in the area.

Initially, the Dutch occupation troops created a laundry to wash soldiers' uniforms. It was around 1775.


about the place, Kochi:

Cochin (or Kochi) is an important port of Kerala in the South of India. It is also the most populous city in the state with almost 700,000 inhabitants. Nicknamed "Queen of the Arabian Sea", Kochi was an important center for the spice trade since the 14th century. Kochi was occupied by the Portuguese at the beginning of the 16th century and then the Dutch and the English followed one another. The city was the first European colony of the Indian subcontinent.



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Kochi, Kerala, India