The Golden Rock is certainly one of the most famous sites in Myanmar. This astonishing rock balanced on a high hill is entirely covered with gold leaf.

This place knows an extraordinary devotion on behalf of the Buddhist faithful who frequent it in droves.

At nightfall, whole families gather there with their blankets and sleep on the ground until the early hours of the morning. The Golden Rock comes alive before sunrise, around 4 a.m. All the faithful then make offerings in front of the Golden Rock. A little away from the large square covered with marble, a kind of market sells pilgrims everything they need to prepare their offerings.

And very surprisingly, at sunrise, all these little people take over the direction of the valley ... Why this nocturnal activity ...? I have not succeeded in unraveling the secret.

The early morning is also the time when baggage porters enter the scene. The burdens they pile up in their basket that they carry on their backs are impressive. The most astonishing that we have seen is the transport of an elderly lady perched on the top of the basket ...

And the road is long into the valley.



The Golden Rock is located on top of a hill and can only be accessed by truck from the valley. But better to stop halfway and do the last part on foot. Even if the coast is steep, the encounters we make along the way largely compensate for the fatigue.


his strange rock is a very important place of pilgrimage in Myanmar. This seemingly unstable balanced rock is entirely covered with gold leaf glued by the faithful males.

And as often one or more legends are at the origin of this place of pilgrimage.

One of these legends states that the rock is placed on a lock of Buddha's hair which prevents him from rolling down the hill.

Another legend has it that the Heavenly King was so impressed by the asceticism of a priest that he transported this rock to this place. He would also have chosen a rock that looks like the head of this priest.


When we have the chance to spend the night there, we are surprised to find hundreds of pilgrims

who sleep on the ground and who say their prayers at dawn.

And for some reason that escaped our notice, all these people come back down as soon as the sun is up.

Most of them are there with their whole family, with their luggage.

Porters (who are often porters) offer their services to carry the luggage in baskets that they put on their backs. Sometimes it even happens that old people do not have the strength to come down on their own, so ... hop, on the suitcases, the grandmother ...


about the place, Golden Rock:

Golden Rock: If the legend is to be believed, the rock would be in unstable equilibrium on a strand of Buddah hair. A pagoda was built next to this mysterious rock perched at the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo. The rock is covered with gold leaf (hence its name) and is the third most important place of pilgrimage in Myanmar after the Shwedagon (in Yangon) and the Mahamuni pagoda near Mandalay.



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Golden Rock, Myanmar