In India, in the state of Maharashtra there are incredible archaeological wonders. A set of temples dug in a granite cliff during the first centuries of our era. These temples are Buddhist, Hinduist and Jain, which proves once again the great religious tolerance of India.


about the place, Ellora caves:

The Ellora caves complex includes more than 100 cavities dug in the basalt. Among the 34 caves open to the public, 12 of them are Buddhist, 17 Hindu and 5 Jain. Each brings together statues of deities and mythologies that prevailed during the first millennium. Many were monasteries for the respective religions.

Cave nr 16, the Kailasha temple is the largest excavated monument in the world.



 - Suresh Prajapati (Inde)  - Indian Classical Instrumental - Flute Tabla Raga 1, Suresh Prajapati

 - K.S. Narayanaswami (Inde)  - India IV - Karnatic Music (South India) - Pancharagam, Bärenteiter - Musicaphon (BM 30 L 2021)

Ellora Caves