The Hindus form the ethnic majority in Mauritius. Among them, the Tamils, originally from South India.

Tamils celebrate the Cavadee festival (I should say the Cavadee festivals since there are several).

This short film shows the Thaipusam Cavadee in Port-Louis in February 2020.

The Cavadee or Kavadi is a large Tamil procession in honor of the god Muruga. The faithful go in procession to the temple by carrying on their head a cavadee (sort of portable altar in honor of the god) and many pierce their skin with silver "vel", sort of lance (miniature) being part , with the peacock of the representation of the god Muruga.


about the place, Port Louis:

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius.

During the French period, Mauritius was called Ile de France. The capital owes its name to King Louis XV.

The city has about 150,000 inhabitants.



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Cavadee 2020


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