The Baptism Site "Bethany beyond the Jordan" was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2015 as the place where Jesus was baptized and as pilgrimage site throughout history.

The total property includes churches, a monastery, baptismal pools, hermit cells, a pilgrim's station, the cave where John the Baptis lived and the spring that was called John the Baptist spring.

translation of comments in the film: minute 00:24: Bethany (full name: Bethany-beyond-the-Jordan) would be the place where Saint John the Baptist met Jesus for the first time.

However, nothing proves that the place chosen by tradition for this sacred place is indeed the authentic place where John the Baptist baptized the crowds.


about the place, Bethanie:

Even though historians doubt that the current place Bethanie-beyond-the-Jordan is the real place where John the Baptist baptized Jesus, it remains the one designated by tradition.


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Bethany, Jordan