Baracoa is a small town located at the western tip of Cuba, in the province of Guantanamo. The city has long been isolated from the rest of the country because of a fairly rudimentary road infrastructure. The best way to get there is by air.


- A cross (Cruz de Parra) would have been planted there by Christopher Columbus when he discovered the island of Cuba on December 1, 1492.

This is of course a reproduction, but it underlines the historical importance of Baracoa.


What is considered the original (carbon-14 dating indicates that it dates from the 15th century) is in the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora da la Asunción (Our Lady of the Ascension) in the center of Baracoa. If it is proven that this cross dates well from the time, nothing proves on the contrary the role of Christopher Columbus, the wood of this cross being of Cuban origin.


Baracoa was the first capital of the new Spanish colony during the 16th century.


- Hatuey was a hero of the Indian people who occupied the island before the arrival of the conquistadors. He organized the resistance and was condemned to the stake after his capture.

The missionaries wanted to convert him to Catholicism before his death to assure him "eternal salvation".

Hatuey asked if there were any Spaniards in Heaven as well and after a positive response from the missionary, he declined the offer of salvation ...


about the place, Baracoa:

Baracoa is probably where Christopher Columbus landed when he discovered Cuba in 1492. It is also one of the few places in Cuba where the conquistadors did not slaughter the original inhabitants of the island. There are still descendants of the Taino Indians. Hatuey, local hero raised an army of Tainos to drive the Spaniards from the island but this attempt failed.

Baracoa is the oldest Spanish colony on Cuba and was its first capital.

The city is located at the eastern end of the island. The city has only been easily accessible since the 1960s, which explains why it has kept its colonial charm.


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Baracoa, Cuba