Unfortunately, we only stayed a few days in Bali after a 3 week trip to Sumatra and Java. We would have liked to see more, but what we have seen is far from having left us cold.


The Hindu temple Tirta Empul was built around a source around 960 AD.

If Bali has nine great main temples of which Tirta Empul is a part, each village has at least three in addition to the temples erected in each house.

The three temples of each village are each dedicated to a different deity, the first to Brahma (Pura Puseh), the second (Pura Desa) to Vishnu and the last to Shiva (Oyra Dalem).

The island deserves its nickname of Island of 10,000 temples.

Spirits are present and revered everywhere.

Temples are everywhere and spirits are omnipresent. They are not found only in temples dedicated to ceremonies, but even in rice fields and all aspects of daily life.

n Bali we do not think only of spirits ...

Tourists are also the object of all attentions and here for a few rupiahs one can afford unforgettable photos. After all, spirits only make souls live. For bodies, tourists' currencies are more effective.

The traditional houses of the well-to-do Balinese are arranged like temples, with a large place dedicated to gods and spirits. Each house has its own place of worship ...

A house is made up of various buildings scattered around a courtyard where everything recalls the presence of spirits.

Each room (kitchen, bedrooms ...) is a small building apart and the whole gives the impression of being in a small village rather than a family home.

The composition of the family is indicated on a plaque at the entrance to the residence.

But the gods aren't just in the countryside.

They are also everywhere in town.

About the 3 places in this film


Denpasar is the capital of Bali and also the most populous city on the island with its 900,000 inhabitants. Along with the development of tourism, Bali has also encouraged and promoted economic activities and supported its businesses, which has given it solid growth in recent years.

Tirta Empul temple located near Tampaksiring in Bali is a Hindu temple. It has a source which allows the faithful to do the important ritual baths for Hindus.

The temple is millennial since it was built around 962 AD. The temple is dedicated to Vishnu.


In one of the villages of Sukawati district we visited a traditional Balinese house. Each room is in fact a separate building in a courtyard where nothing is missing, and especially not the traditional temple so dear to the wealthy Balinese.



 (Java)  - Flute and Gamelan of West Java - Mupu Kembang (Collecting Flowers), Tangent Records (TGS 137)

 (Bali)  - Musiques anciennes de Bali. "Semar Pegulingan. Gembuh" - Semar Pegulingan: Lagu Tabuhgari, Le Chant du Monde (LDX 74802)

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