Even though Bagan is famous for its magnificent and numerous temples, this short film shows only a few short scenes of life in the countryside around Bagan.



Bagan, former capital classified as World Heritage by Unesco is known to tourists from all over the world for its astonishing temples by the thousands which it is impossible to escape.

But beyond this indisputable historical interest, Bagan is like other cities in Myanmar ... in addition to the temples, there are people who live there.

Here are some pictures of life in the surrounding countryside.

But it is also true that these images could have been taken anywhere in Myanmar.


about the place, Bagan:

The city of Bagan in Burma (Myanmar) is listed as a Unesco Heritage Site. Its name means "the city which tramples its enemies". The city's origins date back to the 9th century. It was the capital of the Pagan Empire. During the 250 years of the city's heyday, thousands of religious buildings were built. A thousand stupas, ten times more small temples and around 3000 monasteries were created in these blessed times for the inhabitants of the region. We are talking about a period from 1044 to 1287.

Many of these buildings were destroyed during wars or by earthquakes but there are enough left to amaze the most demanding tourists.


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Bagan, Myanmar