Sancti Spiritus, oldest European colony • Cuba

Watch this video and don't hesitate to read the commentary on the first Spanish colony in Cuba and the oldest church in the Caribbean, the Parroquial Mayor in Sancti Spiritus in Cuba.

This film was made on the basis of photos and videos taken during the trip Cuba (EN)

Reading the text below will help you better understand the historical context of the sites shown in this video.

Sancti Spiritus

Although Christophe chose the bay of Baracoa to disembark during his expedition of 1492, it is the town of Santi Spiritus in central Cuba which is the oldest European colony on the island.

The city was founded in 1514 by Diego Velazquez de Cuellar.

The city currently has around 135,000 inhabitants.

The oldest church in the country, and one of the oldest in the whole of the Caribbean, is called Parroquial Mayor and was erected at the beginning of the 16th century.

The old mansion belonging to one of the richest families of the island, the Valle Iznaga was transformed into a Colonial Art Museum after the Cuban revolution and the flight of its occupants. All the luxurious objects that are in this museum are original. Despite the arrogant luxury of this castle, it was not the main residence of the Valle Iznaga. It was used to accommodate passing guests.

Sancti Spiritus also has a very famous medical university and students from all over the world come to study there. There are 34 nationalities represented there.

And it is of course not worth forgetting the Ruben Martinez library which, in addition to its rich collection of books, offered its balcony for some of Fidel Castro's most remarkable speeches.

about the place, Sancti Spiritus:

The city of Sancti Spiritus is one of the oldest cities founded by the Spanish colonizer in Cuba. The city is located in the center of the Island. 

It has the oldest church in the country, the Parroquial Mayor, built in the 16th century. The city has about 135,000 inhabitants.



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Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

What's the weather like in Sancti Spiritus?

at the market, Sancti Spiritus • Cuba
at the market
on Serafin Sanchez square, Sancti Spiritus • Cuba
on Serafin Sanchez square
the library , Sancti Spiritus • Cuba
the library
works of art in the street, Sancti Spiritus • Cuba
works of art in the street

Sancti Spiritus

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