Sam dunes, a camel ride • Rajasthan, India

Escape with us to the vast expanse of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, India! In less than 5 minutes, you'll find yourself on a camel's back, traversing the majestic Sam Dunes, feeling the same exhilaration as Lawrence of Arabia. Immerse yourself in the haunting melodies of the desert flautists, a musical experience that embodies the authenticity of the region. Savor this brief escape, a window into a world where tradition meets the extraordinary. This video is more than just a ride, it's a journey towards an awe-inspiring experience, an immersion into the true spirit of Rajasthan. Don't wait any longer, adventure awaits!

This film was made on the basis of photos and videos taken during the trip India • Rajasthan and Varanasi (EN)

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01:54 • desert flautists


Sam Dunes Camp

Rajasthan, a state in northern India is largely desert and the dromedary has always been of great help to the economy of the region and more generally to the life of its inhabitants. The big feast or camel market of Pushkar and there to bear witness to it. But nowadays, less ecological but perhaps more economical means of transport are busy supplanting the traditional desert vessel. The car and the motorcycle take a growing place to the detriment of this extraordinary animal that is the dromedary.

So, a few kilometers from Jaisalmer, near the border with Pakistan, men have created the "Sam Desert Camp" and offer tourists curious to understand the sensations of Lawrence of Arabia, the possibility of doing a few kilometers on the back. of this majestic animal. Oh of course you don't become Lawrence of Arabia after three quarters of an hour perched on the hump of a camel, but you can take photos to immortalize this experience.

desert flutists

Arrived at their destination, on a dune near the road, some enjoy a cold beer and others listen, full of admiration, to the musicians of Rajasthan playing the flute using the principle of continuous breathing. It's really fascinating, but this sublime music is a little covered by the discussions of the beer drinkers ... Too bad!

And I who believed that the desert was deserted and silent ...


about the place, Désert de Sam:

Sam Sand Dunes Camp is a corner of the desert designed so that tourists can take a camel ride and listen to the music of local artists.


Spoken comments in the film: 

A camel ride in the sand dunes is not enough to take yourself for Laurence of Arabia, but it allows you to make some beautiful images, even if one can doubt the ecological interest of this kind of activity. 

On the other hand, the local musicians, generally flautists, are excellent even if it is a pity that tourists are only moderately interested in them and prefer to drink a cold beer, sitting on the dunes. Sam Sand Dunes Camp is a corner of the desert set up so that tourists can take a camel ride and listen to the music of local artists.



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 (Inde)  - Flûtes du Rajasthan - Solo de Flûte Double (Pawa), Le Chant du Monde


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near Jaisalmer, Sam desert, Rajasthan • India
camels ready for departure, Sam desert • India • Rajasthan

camels ready for departure

view from the dromedary's cockpit, Sam desert • India • Rajasthan

view from the dromedary's cockpit

flautist in the desert, Sam desert • India • Rajasthan

flautist in the desert

camel's rest, Sam desert • India • Rajasthan

camel's rest

Sam dunes, Rajasthan. India.

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