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Step into a journey of folklore and faith with our latest 4-minute video showcasing the Om Banna Temple in Chotila, Rajasthan, India. Witness an extraordinary tale centered around a Royal Enfield motorcycle, an object of reverence unlike any other. At this unique biker shrine, marvel at the Royal Enfield motorbike enshrined in glass, a sacred emblem born from an unsettling event in 1988 involving Om Singh Rathore. Discover how this once everyday vehicle defied logic by returning to its accident site not once, but twice, solidifying its status as divine. Local bikers adorn the nearby tree with ribbons and bracelets, adding layers to the temple's mystique. Gain insights into a remarkable blend of tradition, devotion, and the inexplicable—where modernity meets the mystical. Witness "Om Banna: A Temple of Devotion and Mystery" today.

This film was made on the basis of photos and videos taken during the trip India • Rajasthan and Varanasi (EN)

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Om Banna

Near Jodhpur in Rajasthan in northern India, on the road that leads to the temple of Ramdevra stands a small very original temple. This temple, named Om Banna is dedicated to a Royal Enfield brand motorcycle

"Royal Enfield" temple

When it comes to finding a pretext to build a temple in India, the imagination has no limits. In Deshnoke, a temple for rats was built in the 15th or 16th century. Obviously these rats have a particularity (see "Karna Mati, the temple of rats)

This little roadside temple also has a story. Although much more recent construction than the Karna Mati temple since Om Banna dates from 1988, an extraordinary history is at its origin. If most Westerners find it difficult to understand the motivations of the Hindu worshipers in this case, it seems that it is quite common in India to build shrines in honor of men believed to have been involved in phenomena of divine origin.

The story of Om Singh Rathore does seem to have its origin in paranormal phenomena.

One day when Om Singh had considerably exaggerated his alcoholic consumption before returning home on his Royal Enfield motorbike, he had an unfortunate encounter with a tree planted by the side of the road. The shock was terrible and cost him his life.

The police, arriving at the scene, took the motorcycle to the police station for the purposes of the investigation.

The next day, the motorcycle returned to the scene of the accident.

The police seized her again, emptied the tank and locked her in a room to prevent anyone from moving her again.

However, the next day the motorcycle was found again at the scene of the accident.

It did not take more to decree the divine character of this phenomenon. Not enough, however, to immediately start building a temple ...

Some villagers dreamed that Om Singh was not dead and that he was coming back to the village at night. They want proof that his very young wife gave birth many months later (more than 9 months after the accident). Here then is the proof of the intervention of the gods in this adventure, and the starting point of the decision to build a temple in this place.

The tree having been hit by the motorcycle is also dead and sits in front of the temple. Passing bikers attached scarves, ribbons and bracelets to it.

As the bikers saw in this reincarnation story a connection with the alcohol ingested by Om Singh before his accident, the worshipers brought many bottles and covered the motorcycle with them. To restore some semblance of order to this atypical temple, the authorities have decided to put the motorcycle under a glass bell to avoid all these overflows.


about the place, Chotila:

The village of Chotila would have remained unknown if it had not been the site of a strange phenomenon in 1988. On December 2 of this year, Om Sing Rathore had a motorcycle accident and died following a collision with a tree. The next morning the police removed the motorcycle and put it in safety at the local station. The police were surprised to find that 24 hours later the motorcycle had disappeared and returned to the scene of the accident. The police returned the vehicle to safety after emptying the contents of the tank and securely fastened with a padlocked chain. But 24 hours later, the motorcycle (Royal Enfield brand) was again found near the fatal tree.

It didn't take the villagers any more to think that it was a supernatural action and considered that the motorcycle was a reincarnation of a deity. They built a temple dedicated to the motorcycle god.


Spoken comments in the film: 

A tree, a dead body and a motorbike that mysteriously returns to the scene of the accident. It does not take more in India to create a temple. This is the story of a motorbike and a tree that found itself that day in the path of Om Banna, the owner of this Enfield Bullet in that year 1988. Om Bana did not survive but his motorcycle, although kept carefully at the police station, was twice found near the fatal tree. It didn't take much for the locals to erect a temple in honor of the motorcycle, which was given the title of Bullet Baba to worship it. She has become an object of adoration by bikers who have taken to decorating the tree in front of the temple with ribbons, bracelets and scarves.



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tree decorated by the faithful, Chotila, Rajasthan • India
near the entrance to Om Banna temple, Chotila • India • Rajasthan

near the entrance to Om Banna temple

altar with the photo of Om Banna, Chotila • India • Rajasthan

altar with the photo of Om Banna

Om Banna's motorcycleotor, Chotila • India • Rajasthan

Om Banna's motorcycleotor

musicians near Om Banna temple, Chotila • India • Rajasthan

musicians near Om Banna temple

Chotila, Rajasthan, India

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