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"Embark on an unforgettable floral journey in Mysore, India! Dive into a colorful world of flowers, crafts, and street vendors in under 5 minutes. Be enchanted by the magic and fragrances of this exotic flower market. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience, click and discover!"

This film was made on the basis of photos and videos taken during the trip Unknown India • Ladakh, Karnataka, Telangana in 2022

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00:33 • the fruit and vegetable market

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The Devaraja market in Mysore 


Like any major city, Mysore has several markets. That of Devaraja, which owes its name to an avatar of Vishnu is very old. This market has probably existed for centuries, but received its present form about a hundred years ago. 


In this market, there are mainly flowers, fruits and vegetables as well as spices. 


The flower market 


India is a major flower producing and consuming country. Throughout the country there are large flower markets. Mysore in Karnataka is no exception. 

About 2 kilometers from Mysore Palace, there is a large flower market, also known as Davaraja Market. 

The flower trade supports many families in Karnataka. Whether for the production, transport or sale of flowers, many workers are occupied in this sector. 

Flowers play an important role in culture and traditions in India. They are used in temples, religious ceremonies, weddings, funerals and other celebrations. 

Flower markets in India don't just sell cut flowers. Many people are masters at making flower necklaces, and it's fascinating to see how skillfully they make these necklaces. 


The fruit and vegetable market 


If the Mysore market has a large flower department, there are also fruits and vegetables as well as spices. 

Indian markets, like those of many Asian countries, are also distinguished by the presentation of fruits and vegetables which are carefully stacked on the stalls. The products sold in the fruit and vegetable part of the market come from small surrounding farms, which guarantees their freshness. 

A stroll through an Indian market, especially a flower market, is a feast for the eyes.


about the place, Mysore:

Mysore, or Mysuru, is a city in Karnataka in India with more than 1,200,000 inhabitants. The city was founded in the 14th century and was part of the Vijayanagara Empire which had established its capital at Hampi. It was a principality subordinated to Hampi which gradually emancipated itself. The Kingdom of Mysore, with the city of Mysore as its capital, rose to prominence in the region following the Battle of Kalikota which pitted the Vijayanagara Empire against the Deccan League. The defeat of Hampi precipitated the end of the empire while favoring the rise of Mysore whose leaders endeavored to unify the small kingdoms of the region. 

Mysore is famous for its palace and its markets.



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flowers on the market, Mysore, Karnataka • India

What's the weather like in Mysore?


Spoken comments in the film: 

Like all cities in India, Mysore has several markets. One of the oldest is the Davaraja market, which was established centuries ago. The market has undergone many changes since the Middle Ages, but its current form dates from the beginning of the last century.


In the Devaraja market, there are spices and beautifully arranged fruits and vegetables, sourced from small local farms. The freshness and quality of these products would make many Western markets green with envy.


If the fruit and vegetable market is worth a visit, the real star of the Davaranja market is undoubtedly the flower market. The flower trade in India is not much like it is in Europe. In India, most of the flowers are used to make necklaces and other decorations, used mainly for ceremonies, whether at the temple or elsewhere.

a banana vendor at the entrance to the market, Mysore • India • Karnataka

a banana vendor at the entrance to the market

a fruit stall at the market, Mysore • India • Karnataka

a fruit stall at the market

making a flower necklace in the market, Mysore • India • Karnataka

making a flower necklace in the market

a flower stall at the market, Mysore • India • Karnataka

a flower stall at the market

Mysore, Karnataka • India

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