Mumbai (Bombay) - megalopolis of western India • Maharashtra, India

Explore Mumbai's contrasts in under 8 minutes! Dive into its rich history as you witness the splendor of British colonial architecture, marvel at the intricate rhythms of the Dhobi Ghat laundry district, and find peace at the Buddhist pagoda. This short journey uncovers the layers of Mumbai, Maharashtra's vibrant heart. From colonial legacies to local traditions, get a taste of the city's ever-evolving story. Your ticket to the diverse world of Mumbai awaits. Don't miss it!

This film was made on the basis of photos and videos taken during the trip India - Kumbh Mela 2016 in Ujjain • Madhya Pradesh • Maharashtra • Goa (EN)

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00:34 • the library

00:50 • the station

01:11 • the most expensive house in the world

01:36 • shrimp sorters on the beach

03:05 • the Vipassana pagoda

04:10 • Dhobi Ghat

05:45 • Gateway of India

06:00 • Taj Mahal Hotel

06:28 • a market


Mumbai (or Bombay)

Like many Indian cities, Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) has been inhabited for a very long time. We have found vestiges attesting that already during the Stone Age populations were already settled there.

Writings in Greek literature prove that the inhabitants of Mumbai traded with Arabia and Egypt. Ptolomeo called this city Heptanesia, which means "the seven islands" and the area was under the control of Ashoka, Buddhist emperor.

It will be understood, Mumbai is built on a small archipelago with 7 islands.

As everywhere, power struggles shook the city for centuries and finally the Muslims of Gujarat took power around the middle of the 14th century.

Later, in 1534, the Mughal Emperor Humayun forced the Sultan of Gujarat to cede the islands to the Portuguese who baptized it Bom Bahia (the good bay).

Bombay came under the control of the English during the marriage of Infanta Catherine of Braganza with Charles II of England. Bombay was the dowry of the Infanta. Catherine of Braganza was the daughter of King John IV of Portugal.

In 1668, Charles II of England leased the port of Bombay to the British East India Company, a true state within the state, which was forced to abandon it to the crown after the bloody repression of the Sepoy revolt in 1857 .

Large infrastructure projects were then launched to link the islands together. The railroad made its appearance, and the civil war in the United States favored the development of the port of Bombay which became the largest cotton plant in the world, with all the financial consequences for the city. Finally, the opening of the Suez Canal allowed Bombay to rise to the rank of one of the most important ports in Asia.

Upon independence in 1947, Bombay first became the capital of the state of Bombay which was to be split into two parts, one going to Gujarat and the other to Maharashtra. In 1960, after bloody unrest, Bombay became the capital of Maharashtra.

This decision left traces and frustrations, and there was never a cordial understanding between the Muslim populations of Gugarat and the Hindu populations of Maharashtra. Over the past 30 years, several bloody attacks have been carried out in Mumbai.

Mumbai, India's second largest city

While until 1986 Calcutta was India's second largest city in terms of population, Mumbai surpassed it with its approximately 12 to 13 million inhabitants. Unlike other cities on the subcontinent, Mumbai is a cosmopolitan city, with Indians from all other states drawn by the city's booming economy. In addition to all these Indians, there are a number of foreigners who are also attracted by the charms of this immense city.


Spoken comments in the film: 

Dobhi Ghat is a huge open-air laundromat in central Mumbai. The dhobi wallah, washing clothes from father to son, wash clothes for almost the entire city.

All linen is washed by hand.

In particular, hotels and hospitals call on their services.

Gateway of India, Mumbai, Maharashtra • India

What's the weather like in Mumbai?

about the place, Mumbai:

Mumbai (better known as Bombay) is the capital of the Maharahstra state. It is the most populous city in India with its 12.5 million inhabitants (23 million if you include the whole metropolis). Mumbai is the economic capital of India and is full of monuments left by the British. Among these monuments, the station, the library and many others.

The name of Mumbai derives from that of the goddess Mumbadevi, which means "mother" in the Marathi language, the mother tongue of the Koli peoples and the official language of Maharashtra.

The old name of the city of Mumbai, Bombay was given by the Portuguese and probably means "good bay".

Mumbai is the economic and financial capital of India. It is also the capital of Indian cinema with the Bollywood studios.

Among the things to see in Mumbai, the Dhobi Ghat, a huge open-air washhouse in the heart of the city. The washing workers are called Dhobis (men only) and they do laundry for most hotels and hospitals in the city. All this huge laundry is done entirely by hand and washing is done by passing the laundry through different bins and using the strength of the arms of the Dhobis

Notable colonial monuments include the Victorian-style Chhatrapati Shivaji station and the university library, one of the largest in the world.



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the station, Mumbai • India • Maharashtra

the station

Global Vipassana Pagoda, Mumbai • India • Maharashtra

Global Vipassana Pagoda

Dhobi ghat, Mumbai • India • Maharashtra

Dhobi ghat

India Gate, Mumbai • India • Maharashtra

India Gate

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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