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"Discover the incredible city of Little Petra, in Jordan. In less than six minutes, dive into a time travel and let yourself be carried away by the poetry of the troglodyte cliffs. Through this video, stroll through the centuries-old alleys and the sumptuous sculpted residences in the rock by the mysterious Nabataeans. Little Petra, this little sister of the great Petra, reveals its hidden treasures to you, far from the tourist bustle, and offers you a haven of serenity. Understand its history, its birth, its mysteries, savoring the historical explanations provided on our page. A forgotten architectural gem, Little Petra has nothing to envy its big sister. Take six minutes to escape, six minutes to travel, six minutes to discover a world engraved in stone Head over to our page for this amazing escape."

This film was made on the basis of photos and videos taken during the trip Jordan (EN)

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Reading the text below will help you better understand the historical context of the sites shown in this video.

00:44 • Walk in Little Petra

02:49 • Musician: rebab player

03:56 • The amazing cliffs of Little Petra


Troglodyte cities

Troglodyte cities are always fascinating. Whether it is the carved cliffs of Cappadocia in Turkey, with their astonishing Byzantine churches carved into the rock or the Buddhist temples of the beginning of our era in central India, in Ellora or Ajanta, all these places remain steeped in mystery. .

Who dug these cities and temples? Why? how did they do it?


The site of Petra in Jordan is certainly one of the best known. And its builders, whose empire reached its peak in the time of Jesus Christ, the Nabataeans, continue to intrigue historians. This site is huge and includes a multitude of temples and a large necropolis.

Little Petra

If Petra was a big city, capital of the Nabataean empire, it seems that its little sister located a few kilometers away, was a kind of suburb where the rich merchants who made the fortune of Petra could live in peace, far from the bustle. from the big neighboring town.

Very small compared to Petra, the Little Petra site is much less frequented by tourists. However, it presents magnificent examples of cave architecture of the time. If the monuments are less dazzling than the "Treasure" of Petra, they are nonetheless of great aesthetic and historical value.

And, as a visitor, it affords the incomparable luxury of being able to be seen apart from the intrusive crowds that characterize Petra.

Spoken comments in the film: 

If Petra, a magnificent troglodyte site in Jordan is extremely lively and receives millions of tourists each year, Little Petra which is a few kilometers away also offers impressive monuments excavated in the rock, but in a more than appreciable calm. 

A few kilometers from Petra in Jordan is another Nabataean site, much smaller than Petra. The site dates from the same period and also presents buildings excavated in the rock. Historians believe it was a suburb of Petra where wealthy merchants lived and enjoyed themselves.



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Triclinium, Little Petra • Jordan
site entrance, Little Petra • Jordan

site entrance

cave dwellings, Little Petra • Jordan

cave dwellings

musician, rebab player, Little Petra • Jordan

musician, rebab player

temple at the entrance to the site, Little Petra • Jordan

temple at the entrance to the site

Little Petra

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