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Dive into a captivating journey of history and resilience with our video on Bayamo, the hidden gem of Eastern Cuba - all in under three minutes! Uncover the narrative of this charming inland city, from its founding by Diego Velasquez in 1513 to its role as a safe haven during the era of Caribbean pirates. Discover how Bayamo endured the tumult of colonial struggles, natural disasters, and wars, only to emerge as a vibrant cultural hub pulsating with the omnipresent rhythm of music. Accompanying the video is an informative text, shedding light on the significant events that shaped this intriguing town. So, take a brief respite from your day, sit back, and let the compelling story of Bayamo unfold before your eyes. Three minutes to travel centuries - Bayamo, where the past meets the present in harmony.

This film was made on the basis of photos and videos taken during the trip Cuba (EN)

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The Spanish conquest of Cuba was made from the east. After having founded Baracoa, Diego Velasquez founded the city of Bayamo in 1513 before going west to found Havana the following year. The conquistadors were not tender ... All the colonization of the Island of Cuba was carried out by successive massacres of the local population, and to replace this population for the arduous work, they organized the importation of slaves to from Africa.

The city had one major drawback, however, which would later prove to be an important asset for Bayamo. Bayamo is not located on the coast.

At first, another city took on enormous importance in the region, Santiago de Cuba.

Troubled times

Colonization of the New World was not always easy. Not to mention the misfortunes of the evicted local populations, the Spaniards had to face competition from other colonial powers, in particular the British and the French, not to mention the Dutch. And at the time, the European powers did not hesitate to call on pirates, who depending on the quality of their relations with power took the name of corsairs. Bloodthirsty looters, but who worked on behalf of their respective king. Their role was on the one hand to enrich themselves but above all to impoverish the enemy. When there was no Spanish galleon to plunder, they relied on the coastal towns. This was the case with Santiago. Tired of the incessant attacks by these buccaneers, many decided to leave the city to settle in Bayamo, inland.

Bayamo, economic center of eastern Cuba

The misfortunes of Santiago made the happiness of Bayamo. The city developed thanks to trade favored by the presence of the Rio Cauto and the port of Manzanillo which offered less facility to pirates than Santiago. And as always, the most successful business was contraband.

To each his own problems

Bayamo, after a few decades of economic boom, was going to suffer from a major flood in 1616. This exceptional flood blocked the river and cut off access to the sea. However, the city was able to continue to trade thanks to the port of Manzanillo, but on a smaller scale.

Ten Years' War (1868-1878)

Bayamo was one of the strongholds of the first major Cuban revolt against the Spanish occupier in the second half of the 19th century. As the Spanish won this war, Bayamo was almost completely destroyed.

Bayamo today

The city of Bayamo has over 150,000 inhabitants and is a charming city like so many others in Cuba. And like everywhere on the Island, the music is omnipresent there.


about the place, Bayamo:

Bayamo was a major commercial and agricultural center in the 16th century. It may seem odd, but its location quite far from the sea gave it significant advantages over another important city, Santiago. This distance from the sea protected the city from the many pirates who infested the Caribbean Sea at that time.

The city currently has over 150,000 inhabitants.


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What's the weather like in Bayamo?

in a square, Bayamo • Cuba
one of the many art markets in Cuba, Bayamo • Cuba

one of the many art markets in Cuba

a street in the city, Bayamo • Cuba

a street in the city

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an original means of transport

the Cathedral of the Holy Savior, Bayamo • Cuba

the Cathedral of the Holy Savior

Bayamo, Cuba

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