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Immerse yourself in the essence of Amman in under 8 minutes! Explore the enchanting citadel, the majestic Roman theater, and the fascinating automobile museum of Jordan. Don't miss this adventure!
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Amman is one of the oldest cities in the world still inhabited today. Amman is the capital of Jordan, and like Rome, it was built on seven hills. The city is located in a hilly region in the northwest of the country, and has grown considerably since its creation, since it now extends over 19 hills.

Amman, was called Philadelphia in Roman times. The city has fabulous architectural treasures dating back to Roman times.

The Citadel.

Known as the citadel of Amman in English, the Arabic name of this architectural ensemble dating from before Roman times is Jabal al-Qal'a and was originally one of the 7 districts of Philadelphia.

The buildings found here date from the Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad periods. The site had been inhabited since ancient times, but only part of the whole has been systematically excavated until now.

The temple of Hercules

Among the remarkable buildings or ruins, let us quote the temple of Hercules which probably dates from the years 150-160 after Jesus-Christ, under the reign of Marcus Aurelius.

The Byzantine Church

Another of the (ruined) wonders at the Amman Citadel site is the Byzantine Church. This church dates from the 5th or 6th century and is said to have been partially built with stones from the Temple of Hercules

The Ommeyyade palace

The Ommeyyade Palace is a more recent one since it would have been built at the beginning of the 8th century. The palace was sumptuous, but did not withstand the great earthquake that the region experienced in 749. Only the courtroom escaped him. But the current ruins allow you to get an idea (if you have a fertile imagination) of the splendor of yesteryear.

The amphitheater

Located below the citadel, in the middle of the city, the amphitheater of Amman was erected around 140 AD by the emperor Antoninus the Pious. Remarkably preserved, the amphitheater is still used today for theatrical performances.

The amphitheater has a capacity of around 6,000 people.


Located near the amphitheater, the odeon is a kind of pocket amphitheater that can hold around 600 people and was used for concerts and political meetings.

The forum

The forum is the large square stretching out in front of the amphitheater. Recently renovated, the current square gives an idea of ​​what the forum was like in Roman times. There are still a few Corinthian columns standing.

The blue mosque

King Abdullah Mosque, named Blue Mosque because of its blue roof, and probably in reference to its namesake in Istanbul, is much more recent since it was built in 1989 in memory of the first ruler of modern Jordan, King Abdullah.

The automobile museum.

The royal family was not lacking in resources and successive kings were great automobile enthusiasts. A large part of these vehicles are kept in the Royal Automobile Museum in Amman.


about the place, Amman:

Amman is the capital and largest city of Jordan. Already around 7250 BC the place was inhabited. Statues from the period bear witness to this. The Romans and Greeks called it Philadelphia and the current name was given given during the Islamic period.

The city has a little over 4 million inhabitants. The population swelled following the numerous exoduses during the 20th century. Among these are the Palestinian refugees and more recently the Syrians.

What's the weather like in Amman?

Amman, the citadel - Byzantine Church, Amman • Jordan
temple of Hercules, in the citadel, Amman • Jordan

temple of Hercules, in the citadel

the roman amphitheater, Amman • Jordan

the roman amphitheater

the odeon, Amman • Jordan

the odeon

in the Blue Mosque, Amman • Jordan

in the Blue Mosque

Amman, Jordan

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