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Travel is often synonymous with freedom and discovery, except of course if it falls under the category of professional or business trips. I prefer to reassure you right away, there will be no question of boring trips here. But travel is also synonymous with constraints. You have to move, eat, sleep, watch. But before traveling you have to know how ... As long as you stay within reasonable distances to use your own vehicle, the problems are very limited. A GPS and a little money to fill the tank do the job perfectly. And the GPS is essential only for all those who can not (or do not want) to read the good old road maps that end up clogging up the glove compartment of the car when they are not forgotten on the table from the lounge upon departure.

Long journeys require more in-depth preparation and many obstacles soon appear. Among these obstacles, the language barrier is not the least. But it is not the only one. It is true that English is jabbered around the world.

Resolving transportation problems on site, finding restaurants where you are more or less sheltered from traveller's diarrhea, finding hotels without cockroaches are some of these other problems.

An organized trip takes care of all these constraints. But on the other hand he presents many others. Traveling in a group is not always easy. Sometimes chance does things right, but often we end up with people we wouldn't have chosen in other circumstances. For our first organized group trip we chose a fairly short trip (just over a week) in Cappadocia, Turkey. And we realized that the list of advantages took precedence over that of disadvantages and this was the starting point for a series of trips. Most of the videos on this site are based on these tour packages.

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