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Maharashtra whose capital is Mumbai (Bombay) is the second state in India by the number of its inhabitants and the third by its area. Located in the west of the Indian peninsula, the Maharahstra is also the second largest administrative subdivision in the world by population, the first also being in India, Uttar Pradesh.

The state has approximately 112 million inhabitants.

Maharashtra is the most industrialized state of the Indian confederation. Its strengths from an economic point of view are international trade, industry and mass media (television, films (Bollywood), video games), fashion, aerospace, etc.

History of Maharashtra

The oldest traces of civilization found in the state of Maharashtra date from around 1300 BC.

Like many parts of India, Maharashtra was part of the Maurya Empire during the 4th and 3rd centuries BCE. Then for 400 years, the region was ruled by the Satavahana dynasty.

After this time, a succession of dynasties were in power in this region until annexation by the Delhi Sultanate at the beginning of the 14th century.

The region of present-day Mumbai (Bombay) was ruled by the Sultanate of Gujarat before coming under the control of the Portuguese in 1535. But ultimately, like everywhere in the Indian peninsula, it was the Mughals who became masters of the region.

But from the 17th century a new dynasty settled in the region, the Maratha. The Maratha Empire would soon occupy much of the peninsula and greatly contributed to the decline of the Mughal Empire.

British colonization

Following a military victory, the British East India Company seized power in the Mumbai region in the 17th century and the conquest of all of present-day Maharashtra was completed in 1818. The British relied heavily on the local princes having pledged allegiance to the crown to govern the region.

The British have been in the region for over 150 years and have made great changes in the lives of the local people.

But from the beginning of the 20th century, resistance to the English occupier developed to lead to the "Quit India" movement launched by Mahatma Ghandi and which issued an ultimatum to the English.


In 1947, India gained its independence and began the administrative redistribution of the peninsula, largely according to linguistic criteria. After many clashes and the creation of several new states including those of Bombay and Hyderabad, the great demonstrations of the population ended up wresting a solution for the region by obtaining the creation of the state of Maharashtra in 1960.

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