Himachal Pradesh • state in northwest India

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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state in northwestern India, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Its name means "province of snow-capped mountains".

The state has around 7 million inhabitants and is predominantly Hindu.

It is a rural state and 90% of the population depends on agriculture. The main crops are corn, rice and barley.

History of Himachal Pradesh

The first human settlements in this region date back almost 5,000 years. Aryan populations would have settled there during what is known as the Vedic period, ranging from -1500 to -500. These populations, mixed with the native populations, organized themselves into a multitude of tiny independent and rival states, called the Janpadas.

This fragmentation of the territory lasted until 1849. There were, however, in the course of history a few periods when the territory was part of an Indian empire despite the difficulties due to the relief making access difficult. Thus, the region was part of the Maurya Empire of Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE. But these episodes were short lived.

British colonization

The British arrived in the region in 1815. After a succession of wars and numerous rebellions, the colonizer finally imposed his law and founded Shimla a few years later.

Shimla had for the British the enormous advantage of freshness, unlike Calcutta where they had established their capital. Shimla thus became the summer capital of the British Indian Empire.

Indian independence

After independence in 1947, a state was created by the reunion of about thirty principalities. This territory received the status of "Union territory", directly administered by Delhi. Several mountainous regions were added to this territory which took its present form and borders in 1971. Himachal Pradesh thus became the 18th state of the Indian confederation.

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