Indonesia • Sumatra, Java and Bali

Indonesia • Sumatra, Java, Bali

The large rice fields that we imagined in Indonesia decided us to add this destination to our future trips. The trip took place in November 2019 but we did not have the chance to see these large green expanses on the terrace that we were hoping for. But that didn't spoil the trip in any way.

What was even more surprising was that we saw very little blue sky during our stay. This is due to the huge forest fires which continue to ravage the primary forest on Sumatra among others. The majority of these fires are intentional. Space must be made to plant these very profitable oil palms.

That aside, the trip was wonderful.

Sumatra, the largest island, allowed us to see orangutans in their natural environment, even if it is in a protected reserve where they have become accustomed to the human presence.

The houses and customs of the Batak and Minangkabou peoples have remained for tourists. The heads are no longer cut off and we have seen very beautiful things on the island.

Java, the most populous of the islands of the archipelago retains some memories of the colonial era, mainly in Jakarta, the capital. A train trip to the south of the island allows you to see very diverse landscapes.

Borobodur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and is one of the must-see things.

Bali, much smaller, has thousands of temples and is nicknamed "the island of the spirits". It has unfortunately also become a paradise for tourists, and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the authentic and the tourist ...

date of the trip: octobre/2019

Travel agent: SRC

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Indonesia • Sumatra, Java, Bali

Orangutan with her baby in Sumatra Indonesia
The top floor stupas of the Borobudur temple in Java, Indonesia
a Batak house in Sumatra, Indonesia