India - Unknown India: Ladakh, Karnataka and Telangana

Unknown India : Telangana, Karnataka, Ladakh

This is probably an atypical trip, but it's the first major post-covid trip.

Atypical because it covers two regions quite distant from each other in India. The first part of the trip concerns the states of Karnataka and that of Telangana in South India. The second part takes place in Ladakh, in the extreme north of the Himalayas of India.

The purpose of this trip is to attend the Phyang Tsedup festival in Leh. This Buddhist festival consists of Cham dances, a sacred dance performed by monks wearing beautiful silk costumes and Tibetan masks.

But before arriving in Leh, many visits to temples and palaces are planned in Karnataka and Telangana.

date of the trip: 07/2022

Travel agent: SRC

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Unknown India : Karnataka, Telangana, Ladakh

Charminar Mosque in Hyderabad, Telangana
temple in Hampi, Karnataka
a view of the Indus in Ladakh