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Discover the jewels of world heritage, recognized and protected by UNESCO. These sites, whether cultural, natural, or mixed, represent outstanding universal value, bearing witness to the richness of our shared history and the diversity of our planet.
Agra • Agra's Red Fort - Power and Splendour of the Mughal Empire
Agra • Uttar Pradesh, Taj Mahal - Mughal Jewel & Symbol of the Country
Agrigento • Sicily, Temple of Juno - Witness of Ancient Greece
Agrigento • Sicily, Temple of Zeus - A Relic of Ancient Greece
Agrigento • Sicily: Temple of Concord - Doric Jewel of Antiquity
Agrigento • Sicily: Temple of Heracles - Doric Gem of Antiquity
Ajanta • Maharashtra, India: Cave No.1 - An Ancient Art Treasure
Ajanta • Maharashtra: Cave No.10 - Richness of Ancient Buddhist Art
Ajanta • Maharashtra: Cave No.2 - 5th Century Jewel of Buddhist Art
Ajanta • Maharashtra: Cave No.4 - 5th Century Buddhist Monastery
Angkor • Angkor Wat - Khmer Architectural Jewel and World Heritage
Angkor • Cambodia: Baphuon Temple - History & Architecture
Angkor • Cambodia: Bayon Temple - Majestic Khmer Temple
Angkor • Cambodia: Phimeanakas Temple - Tale of a Royal Temple
Angkor • Cambodia: Preah Khan temple - Khmer Architectural Gem
Angkor • South Gate of Angkor Thom - Historical Gateway to the Khmer Era
Angkor • Ta Prohm temple - Blend of Architecture and Jungle
Angkor • Terrace of the Elephants and the Leper King
Bagan • Bagan Temples - Sacred Plains of a Thousand Temples
Barcelona • Spain: Parc Guëll - Art and Nature in Harmony