Monuments and architecture

This section presents movies by theme rather than geographic location. The theme of this page is important monuments. Several categories in this section, such as archaeological sites, temples, mosques, pagodas, palaces and wooden constructions.
To access the list of films, all you have to do is click on the image and then select the film you are interested in from the list that will appear.
In some cases the film is entirely devoted to a monument and in others only part of the film is concerned. In these cases, there is the possibility of selecting the desired passage in the introductory text.

Archaeological sites

Men have always built temples for their gods and palaces for their kings. Many of these monuments are still visible today, sometimes in excellent condition and often in the form of ancient ruins.

archaeological sites


Christian places of worship are listed in the "Churches" section. There are few or no videos dedicated to churches only, but passages containing churches are shown in the chapter list.



In almost all religions, men and women live in community. This is particularly true for Buddhism where in some countries like Myanmar, everyone has spent or will spend part of their life in a monastery.



Beaucoup de religions utilisent un nom bien à elles pour nommer les temples où ils honorent leur(s) dieu(x). Dans le monde musulman, le temple porte le nom de mosquée.




If Muslims have their mosques, Christians their churches and Hindus their temples, Buddhists have pagodas in homage to Buddha. In this series of magnificent pagodas, whether covered in gold or in wood, there is something for everyone.


Palaces & Mausoleums

If the powerful of this world live in splendid palaces during their lifetime, some spend their deaths in even more magnificent buildings. But in this series there are also, in addition to the palaces and mausoleums, other remarkable residences.



To honor their gods, men built temples. Some are modest while others can be grand. The temples of India are particularly spectacular, but other parts of the world are not left out.


Wooden buildings

To build their temples and palaces, people used all kinds of materials. Stone, brick, concrete, wood. This series shows some remarkable wooden constructions.

wooden buildings
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