Festivals & Events

This section presents movies by theme rather than geographic location. The theme of this page is the major festivals, religious or other and events like the biggest camel market in the world which takes place every year in November in Pushkar, city of Rajasthan.
To access the list of films, all you have to do is click on the image and then select the film that interests you from the list that will be displayed.

Hindu festival & camel market

Sometimes the theme of a trip is a big event or a religious holiday. Among these events, there is for example the Kumbh Mela, the Hola Mohalla or the big camel fair of Pushkar in India, but also the Cavadee in Mauritius.

Festivals and events

Ceremonies and Rituals

Religious practices differ from country to country and from religion to religion. We do not often have the opportunity to attend, but when this opportunity arises, we often find ourselves faced with a total change of scenery.

Religious ceremonieshttps://vimeopro.com/jmputz/religious-ceremonies
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