Spain: Semana Santa in Andalusia

Spain: Semana Santa in Andalusia

The mystery surrounding Holy Week processions in Spain has always intrigued us. These long processions of penitents wearing hoods over pointed hats and carrying heavy statues, sometimes centuries old, through the streets of the city to the sound of haunting music are definitely worth a visit.

The most important processions take place in Seville, Andalusia.

This year, we have followed these processions in several cities, including Seville and Granada.

This trip was also an opportunity to visit the magnificent monuments of Andalusia which remained under the control of the Moors for a long time, before their defeat against the Catholic Monarchs.

Thus, the Alhambra of Granada is a masterpiece of Moorish art. In Cordoba, the Christians built a magnificent cathedral in a magnificent pre-existing mosque. Seville Cathedral is also full of priceless treasures....

date of the trip: 04/2022

Travel agent: SRC

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Spain: Semana Santa in Andalusia

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